Evaluation Task 1:In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?




all of these videos inspired me when making my film. As you can see I used 3 different music videos and tried to place them into mine. Charlie Puth (we don’t talk any more) I used this for the begging of our film and how we used split screens to show both groups the girls and the boys. This technique I really enjoyed to watch and by putting it in our music video it allowed us to stand out more since no one else did this in my school.

Another music video which inspired me was Tenterhook(go easy) this video was the perfect love video and we tried to corporate some of there shots in our music video, for example the smashing of the glasses and also the nice couple shots they used. I was also very inspired by there angles of shots and tried to use there technic when shooting our video.

The Final Music video which inspired me was the original music video to Supernova by House Of Lions we tried to recreate some of there shot such as the lip syncing, some of the party scene and also the emotion between the boy and the girl.

I used three videos because they where the ones which inspired me the most, and helped me to make our video. By studying each of the music videos I managed to learn the different shots and angles I could use for my music video. Allowing us to create it as it is now.






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