Album Advert Task 1-Research the conventions of CD advertising.


The image is the main picture of the advert, its the initial thing which attracts the viewer to the advert. The main picture must attracted the artists target market, the example I chose which The Artic Monkeys used in 2014 is a perfect example of this technique they kept it plain and simple also by adding the colours to the advert it pops out more the the viewer.

Another key part of CD advertising is the title, the title should be one of the first things to inform the viewer who the artist is. The title can become a key part of the artists image The Artic Monkeys for example which is a slanted white texted saying Artic Monkeys. It just shows you how simplistic the font can be but still become famous and world wide.

The advert would mostly say key tracks from the album and other artists which would be featuring with them. This also depends on how well know the artist is, for example the advert I chose to use as an example doesn’t say any songs they will be playing due to them being so well known. But does include who the special guested will be.

The main colours of a poster is mostly black white or colour. You also have posters which are both. The background in the poster I chose is black and white then in the front is there original image from one of there most famous songs (Do I Wanna Know?) which is usually white but now they have added colour to it which would stand out to a fan since it is different.

The advert should also contain key dates such as the date of the albums release and where you can buy it such as Spotify, iTunes HMV etc. They can also contain other dates such as tour dates.







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