Ancillary Texts 4

A Star image is the main image that the star shows for advertising themselves. This is opposed to be appealing to the audience and dances who will by there albums. the record company can shape the stars image they usually shape it to whatever thy think the audience wants. Meaning that photography is very a important element of getting the stars image out to the public. what a star wears and how thy pose will say a lot about what genre of music they are, For example


This image shows us that House Of Lions are very indie why what they are waring how only of them are actually looking at the camera showing that the band is relaxed and giving of the ora that they don’t really care which would catch the audiences eyes especially because the photo is taken in black and white. An image like this could be used for a digipak, the digipak theme will link to the image on the front cover of the digipak.



House Of Lions doesn’t have a digipak so I chose Arctic Monkeys digipak which is pretty close to what House Of Lions would look like. Is might be somewhat what I’m thinking of doing maybe either a picture of our singer of the couple as our cover photo. I will also do some audience research asking which one they find more appealing and go with there over all choice.






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