Ancillary Texts Point 2


This is the original texted for House OF Lions I like this a lot because it is so simplistic and also individual. My Aim is to make a text somewhat like this for My CD cover. Black writing with a white background.


This is also another text which they have done with more of an Indie feel to it which would definitely attracted to there fans I like this text because how plain but also quite detailed this is  with the slanted font and the crinkled paper behind it making it look like pen on paper.


This is another Idea what my text will look like by making a black background and gold writing this will definitely stand out to the fans and also allow the band to have an individual feel to there album cover.


My Final Idea is to make the taxed some what a dated style since its very attractive to the human eye and also to the range of fans they have most likely between the age of (15-27)




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