Ancillary Texts Point 1

How artist promote there work?

Marketing is very important as it raises awareness of the artist which can increase the artists number of followers, but this can be expensive to marketing techniques need to be right and need to work for the artist and make it relatable to there fans. I will be concentrating on the promotion and marketing on The house of lions and how they promoted themselves for there albums.


They mostly promote themselves on

social media such as

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

On these websites they usually post information on upcoming tours, new releases and further information the fans would like to know. They do this on social media because first off they don’t have an actual website for the band and secondly they are trying to adapted to the changing market so by using a lot of social media this is the best way to relate and get to the fans.

They promote there music on

  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • youtube
  • interviews

They promote there songs on here because by having such a wide range of places where you can find there songs it allows the band to have greater chances to increase there fan bace and also allow them to advisee there new songs. Especially  on Youtube where it is free for the public which helps the public see the song before they are willing to buy it.


By looking at this example of one of House Of Lions covers you can tell what type of band they are and also what sort of audience they are trying to trying to relate to. The Text is very simplistic and bold this stands out since it has a black background behind the text. Behind the text you see the artistic work. By looking at you you can tell the band decided to go with somewhat of a unnatural feel to it which makes it appealing to the eyes of the buyers i.e. fans.



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