Ancillary Texts 3


cd_jewelcase_clear_standard    whatever


In the picots about you can see a CD cover and a digipak  . The CD cover usually has the CD inside and also a list of the songs of the disc. CD’s are vey cheap to buy but they are very fragile and can break extremely easily. The CD cover is mostly used for a protection for the CD itself. Less and Less CDs are being bought everyday because the digital market is rapidly expanding and now you get close to all of your songs online.

A Digipak has multipul innards meaning it folds into itself so it can sore more CD’s and allow more information on the ban to be showed. This is especially useful for a large album meaning it can be bought as one. The Digipak can sometimes be cheaper depending on the size since it is made out of cardboard and is less likely to break. But Most of the time digipaks  are more expensive since it comes with more material and more value meaning people will treasure it better.


This is an example of a Digipak template


What to include in my digipak.

Artists Name
Name of Album
Record company
Album network
Additional Information
A date of release
Copyright label
Disc Holder
artwork credits
album credits


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