Point 25 the cast of our video

Our film is typically very indie so we had to find three actors who will fit into our image we had in mind. The characters we chose I believe will help us to create a realistic music video, and will help us to make our music video the best it can be with the resources we have.



Character 1 George is a very talented actor who has a lot of stage time. He is our main character in our music video the boyfriend. We where looking for someone who fitted our role of a typical Indie boy. George was our first choice and I believe that he will help our music video come alive.


Character 2: Klara is also a very experience actress she will be playing the role of the girlfriend, I wanted the girlfriend to give a strong, independent and fun vibe off the typical girl that everyone whats but no one can get. I believe Klara will be very good at portraying this role in our music video.


Character 3: Fin our final character will be doing the lip syncing he has no experience in acting or in music but he is a very confident person who fits the image I have what the singer would look like.


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