Point 24 Location shots

For this task I will show you where i chose to shoot my music video. Below are the shots of the location I’ve chosen to shoot. I will justify why I chose each below.


  1. boys room






2. girls room








img_33263.This is one of the first shot I will be using where the boy and the girl meet. I chose this area because It is the closest looking place in my school too look like a club. And we use this for dance socials so it would be easy to shoot the first scene due to a vast amount of people being there in the first place allowing the shot when the boy and girl see each other more realistic.


4. This is the bar area of the club where some other shot will be taken. I chose this to be the bar because this is where we usually serve drinks here and it already has somewhat of a bar feel to it.


5. This is the point when the boy and the girl run off into the woods this is an opening shot which will set the scene and show the audience where most of the film will be set.img_3330

6. this is the type of wood which most of the filming will take place, because we are filming in school we have to be carful because we want to make the impression that the music video is partially shot in the wood so we had to watch out for anyone walking in the background or any buildings.


7.  this is the point where the boy and girl leave the school and go to the beach


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