Point 20 Story plan

Story Plan

For our story plan our idea is to follow a boy and a girl. It starts off seeing them getting ready for a social i.e. party at this point I want to have a split screen affect showing both of them getting ready. they meet at the party and dance for a while after that they leave together and go to the beach or the woods. I want our video to show love, happiness and partying this is what I am aiming for.

What we are planning is to capture our film in either black and white or using a blue tint it will be mostly set in the woods but it starts off in each characters rooms and also at the party. I want are story to draw in the audience and make it realistic but also something that everyone dreams of.

Execution and attracting the audience 

I think my video will attract my audience and make them watch it till the end is because of the video we are making this is a very stereotypical theme and proven that everyone enjoys these types of stories. Especially our target market this will also help people outside of our target market to enjoy the video.

These two music videos inspired me for my plan and idea of our music video.


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