Point 19: key Elements and checklist to include in my video


Conversion into Indie rock Genre

I am going to look at an effective Indie Rock genre, also by house of lions called Uncurel


Shot Types: Wide variety of shots, but often focus on certain objects/characters in the frame  (such as the artist, prop, or a location), close ups (extreme and medium), long shots and wide shots (often used as establishing shots), mid shots, close ups during lip-sync sequences to put focus on the artist and the lyrics of the song (focus on introducing artist to audience) 180 degrees and over the shoulder.

Camera Movements: mostly pan, track, handheld, crane

Camera Angles: Important to emphasise the artist and the specific emotions, high angles (his can show weakness)  low angle (dominance), birds eye to add dramatic effect, different perspective, interesting perspective


Costume: With the costume I want to have a modern feel but very indie, this I think will really capture our main character. I also want to do this for our female character to capture both sexes and how they dress.


We will probably film our music video in black and white but if not then we are thinking we will film it with a blue tint to make our video stand out to others. Since most of our film will be shot at night we will need artificial lighting to see the characters.


I don’t think we will use a lot of props but if we do they will be cigarets and everyday items


this is very like lighting black and white but if not we will use a blue tint and artificial lighting outside. Inside there is going to be strobe lighting and different colourful lights.


We will film our video at school and also outside possibly by the beach to create that indie rock feel.

Insert music video as example


Backing track, diagetic sound is sometimes used to enhance story, sound effects, possibly speaking to create a better story. Laughing in the background.

insert music video as example



With sound we will either slow it down or speed it up depending on which part of the song we are at. Also matching the lip syncing with the song.


Quick cuts or jump cuts would help to give our video a more sleek and professional look.


If video is abstract, it is possible to be heavily reliant on editing techniques distortions, and special effects in order to keep the video interesting and make it look effective, commonly added over the video to reflect style or mood of video, popular effects include: sepia, black and white, rose, or blue filters depending on whether the video wants to look warm or cool in colour tone


An example of Cinematography which I have in mind. Alt-j hand free


An example for Mise-En-Scene The Nights by Avicii

Stuck in the Sound song “Let’s Go” has a good use of sound

I love the editing on Rudimental’s song Not Giving in. The Quick cuts is what I enjoy mostly about it, this is what I want our Music video to look like with the speeds of the cuts.


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