Point 16 Perfect audience member

To find our perfect audience member I used a website called UK tribes http://www.findyourtribe.co.uk. The website shows you the types of tribes that are in the UK. The tribes that I focused on was urban, Leading Edge, and Aspirant. What tribe I found most worst relatable to our perfect audience member Aspirant spusificaly hipsters. The reason for why I think that hipsters is the perfect audience member is because they listen to Indie Music,(indie rock).

This is what UK tribes wrote about Hipsters.

It’s been a long time coming – but the Hipsters are firmly out of the Leading Edge, and are getting younger by the year.

Poor Hipsters! Since 2012, they took over being the vilified Tribe from the Chavs – synonymous with being ‘try hard’ and vacuous at a Tribal level, but receiving derision from wider British culture too (even your dad knows what a Hipster is in 2015!).

As authenticity became a key tenet of youth culture and the Hipster look was disseminated to teens via Primark; the iconic skinny jeans, glasses and obsession with Bergheim made the Hipsters a stereotype and an insult for the original Hipsters (most of whom have now aged out of the Tribes model).

for conclusion Indie/ Hipster tribes are the type of people we are focusing on more, and our music video will relate to them by having there trends and style of music.I believe that Indie and Hipster i.e. Aspirant is the perfect target audience for our music video as it is the style of music that they listen to.

This is an example of what I have in my mind what our audience would look like i.e. dress and act. Check my previous blog for further information on this topic.




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