Point 15

For this task we had to do some research on how audiences are impacted by music videos, what type of music they like, and what makes a good music video.  For this task, I used surveymonkey.com to create a survey, I printed this off and got people from home and school to fill this out.

The results I got where for the first question Indie was first followed by rap then grime this was quite obvious to me because this is the music all my friends listen to.  For the second question it was quite even but I found out that people preferred having a music video and it did influence there decision if the song is good. For the third question the top two picks where black and white and story line. In Point 4 nearly everyone put stereotypical. Finally  1-5 is the most common.

Due to all of my feed back I shall use all of these useful points and try and make my music video they way the public demands.


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