Point 12 9 key screen shots




Shot 1: This shot shows where the music video is taking place this shot is a wide angle extreme long distance shot capturing the scene. As you can see in the middle of the shot there is a airway strip surrounded by water and small patches of land.


Shot 2: here you can see the main singer in a prisoners uniform with two guards behind him the shot is focused on him since he is centred and the focus is much stronger on him then the two guards. everything else in this scene is mostly plain colours except for his orange jumpsuit this makes him stand out even more.


Shot 3: You see will smith this shows that the song has a connection between the suicide squad. This image was taken form the movie and put into the music video. The reason why they decided to do this is because to promote the movie since twenty one pilots song is in it.


Shot 4: this is a good shot because is shows the main singer trapped as you can see by his facial expression his is sad to promote this they have used a limited amount of lighting and have relied on shadows this helps to represent his mood.


Point 5: This is the first image we see of the drummer he is clothes are all black playing his drums in a empty hallway there is a light right next to him capturing what he is doing. there is very little lighting in front of him, but behind him there is a light at the end of the corridor. This image is a long shot this is done so the drums can be fitted in.


Shot 6: This show has more lighting. It is still pointing out that he is in his prisoners outfit. Its a mid shot.


Shot 7: This shot is completely different to the others showing the band playing together the lead singer is now wearing a bright yellow suit jacket still having the attention on him. they are standing on a huge light sources this helps to bring the scene alive.


shot 8: here we see the other prisoners watching them play this represents a concert. The prisoners are very stereotypical big, tattoos mostly shaved heads ect… this helps to lighten up the scene because the prisoners are enjoying the music.


shot 9: This is one of the final shots in the video it shows that all of what happened is in the singers head representing that he is either hallucinating or mad, guards are around him with guns everything has disappeared and he is by himself with his prisoners uniform on.


To conclude this video is mostly dark with limited lighting and happiness this could help us with our video if we choose to go down this route.


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