Point 8 things to consider

Lip syncing 

Lip syncing is vital for our music video the type of lip-syncing I am thinking what our film is going to be more like this.

As you can see the lip syncing perfectly insync this is how I would like my music video to be.

white vs colour 

I still haven’t made up my mind yet if I should film our video in black and white or colour I have chosen two videos to represent this. One black and white and one colour.

I feel that black and white is used more for serious videos the capture the message the video is trying to send off this could be good for my group to show the message of our video and at the same time allow it to be more serious.

This video over exaggerates colour to the limit this allows the film director to go crazy with a huge range of colour. The idea I have is to capture the bright lights of a night club also a sunset this will hopefully give our video an extra edge to anyone else’s.


The kind of lighting I am thinking is shadow work so dark colours with the accessional bright light probably when the lip syncing is used this video I have used capture what the dark lighting would look like.

Interesting Camera Work/Editing

The type of Editing and camera work I am thinking of is abnormal angles capturing the emotion of the character in a different way the editing I want it to jump between to main stories most likely two different people so the it would have to be fist cuts I perticualty liked the Editing and camera angles for this music video by sizzle kicks.


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