Point 6 define the genre of your track.

My chosen Video is Supernova by house of lions. The Genre of this video is Indie the reason why we chose this song is because we have a lots of good ideas of what we could do and it also has a good rhythm this will help us when it comes to editing.

The term Indie nowadays describes a current trend since around 2003 to consider “indie” a certain musical style rather than a stance towards commercialism.
This style is in most cases a mixture of wave, early punkrock, singer/songwriter music, electronica and above all whiney singing.

Ironically most bands among those “indie” bands are not part of an independent music scene, but as part of the musical mainstream rather dependent.

Other popular indie songs.

  • Milky chance
  • Foster the people
  • George Ezra
  • The killers





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