Point 4 Star Image Research


Kanye West

His devemopment in his image between 2000/2016


In this image you see Kanye first starting off this image he is trying to show make him self here is as if he doesn’t care. We can see this by his faecal expression staring straight at the camera with his head tilted at an angle angle. Behind him there is a netted fence which could resemble jail bars. The The clothing he is wearing was the fashion back in the 2000’s baggy trousers and an over sized shirt with a t-shirt underneath, this fashion is co coming back in 2016, this shows sometimes fashion repeats itself. Kanye’s hair is braided back which was very popular in the 2000’s.


This is an image of Kanye now in 2016 his fashion sense has dramatically changed from the shaved head all the way way down to the yeezys. He has his own clothing brand which he is wearing now. He has a long t-shirt on covered by by a black leather jacked. His jeans are ripped which is the the newest fashion today. He is giving the same image off as he did in the 2000’s.











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